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Writing Reviews


What is works much like a phonebook listing in that it can inform the user of local restaurants, repair shops, doctor services and thousands of other businesses you may be looking for. What distinguishes is that it is accompanied by customer reviews which enable you to make an educated choice when considering a business.

Is free?

Yes! As an informational website, is here to work for you, for free!

Why Use

Whether you have just relocated for a new job opportunity or are starting college in a new town, sometimes you aren't aware of your surroundings. When you're new to a city it can be overwhelming and knows this. That's why the site was created, in order to make sure that everyone can access the best businesses within their city.

If you are not new to a city can still be a helpful tool. With the number of chain restaurants and shopping malls popping up in urban areas, small mom and pop shops and hole in the wall restaurants can be overlooked. helps the consumer find these local gems and take advantage of the specialties they have to offer.

Who Uses

Sometimes the sink clogs or your heel breaks, maybe your tire pops or your car overheats, life is unpredictable and we don't always know where to turn. comes in handy when you are in need and aren't sure where to look.

Some of our users include:

What Should I Be Reviewing On was created for all sorts of local services or destinations. Popular categories include restaurants, bars, salons and retail businesses, but can be used to find reviews of everything, from dentists to parks and country clubs.

After I review a business can the owner message me?

Business owners are no different from you and me; sometimes they would like to communicate to the people who have written about their business. There is a way for business owners to message those who have written a review on their business, but this is done privately. Your settings can be manually changed if you wish to avoid being contacted.

What are "Sponsored Results"?

Some local businesses choose to pay for advertisements, these are called Sponsored Results.

What do I do if some reviews disappeared from my business' page?

Due to the nature of this site, reviews may come or go for a variety of reasons. A user may have removed his or her review, which is within their right. may have removed the review

I am not a business owner and my review only shows on my profile, not on a certain business page, How come?

The downside of the internet reviewing is that many reviews are anonymous. After our filters have gone through submitted reviews, they decide which reviews are credible and which aren't. In most instances, we allow visitors to decide for themselves which reviewers they believe they can trust. We do want to make the process as easy as possible so we screen out reviews that are written by less frequent users. Humans are unavoidably biased, so to avoid this the process is automated. We never delete reviews; they will always be visible on your profile.

How are search results ranked?

The number of reviews and star rating of a business plus what is actually written about the business is considered. Our staff is constantly working to improve our search results in order to deliver the most relevant local results.

Writing Reviews

What makes for a great review? would like your honest opinion. Details are key. We want our readers to have an awareness of your overall experience. What was good, as well as, what was bad. Include things like decor, customer service, overall impression, taste, smell, etc.

What needs to be reviewed?

Any business that has a physical location and can be found by our users makes for a welcomed review.

Can I review a business I have a connection to?

At we would hope that our users practice a code of ethics, which includes not reviewing your own business or a business you are currently or have previously worked for.

What if I had a bad experience? Am I allowed to say something negative?

Reviews by the consumer make up the core of If you have had a bad experience it is vital that you let our users know. Our job is to make sure that our users know what local businesses are worth visiting and what services are worth using. We want the best for our users and we need your help in order to determine what local spots are best.