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Rainforest Cafe - A Wild Experience | RateIt
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Rainforest Cafe - A Wild Experience by Janice Cooper

Rainforest Cafe - Restaurant - Family - Adventure - Fun - Rateit

Rainforest Café is a themed chain restaurant with various locations nationwide as well as Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, France and Japan. The very first Rainforest Café opened in the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. Rainforest Café is a family fun environment, with each restaurant uniquely designed to depict the different features of a rainforest; bio shock meets the Congo feel with a very art-deco, jungle vibe.

The menu features an array of various delicious items and tropical treats, from mouthwatering appetizers and exotic salads to creative entrees such as burgers, pastas, seafood, steaks and chicken. With a full dessert menu, you can end your safari journey with the out-of-this-world “Sparkling Volcano” dessert. Beware, if ordered the entire restaurant will scream “Volcano”. The Rainforest Café loves to cater to kids; with loveable characters that are part of the “Wild Bunch” like Cha! Cha!, the adventurous and brave red- eyed tree frog, Tuki, the amusing and curious baby elephant, Nile, the fun loving crocodile with a huge appetite for fun, Bamba, the strong but gentle gorilla, Maya, the fearless jaguar is the protector of all the rainforest, Rio, the swift and musical macaw loves to sing and dance, Iggy, the iguana is the oldest and wisest of the Bunch, and Ozzie, the wacky yet big- hearted orangutan; kids of all ages are sure to have a great time while exploring the rainforest. Kids under 10 can order yummy entrees from the full kids menu.

The workers of Rainforest Cafe are named in accordance with the safari theme. Servers are called Safari Guides, hosts/hostesses are Tour Guides, retail sales associates are Pathfinders, bartenders are Navigators, bussers are Safari Assistants and kitchen staff members are named Trailblazers. Rainforest Cafe restaurants have a retail village, where rainforest themed merchandise is sold.

At Rainforest Café, every event is an adventure.

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