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The state of Red People, as called by the Choctaw Indian tribe, is better known as Oklahoma covers over 69,000 square miles and has the population of more than 3 million people. The state includes a diverse area of prairie, mountain ranges, lakes, and forests, and has the resources of agriculture, gas, and oil.

Oklahoma has a long and full history of the Native Americans. Such as it being a large part of the Trail of Tears, which started in 1831. This is one of the states where the Choctaw Indian Nation along with the Cherokee, Osage, and the Quapaw Indian tribes were relocated. In 1890, the Oklahoma territory consisted of over 30 Indian Tribes and was known as Indian Country. It wasn't until 1893 this territory was opened up to the white settlers. This state has more Native Americans than any other state within the United States. Anadarko city located in Oklahoma is where the Indian Affairs Bureau is located and the majority of its population is Native Americans. The states wildflower is known as the Indian Blanket to symbolize its Indian heritage.

When you think of Oklahoma the Native Americans usually come to mind. But, along with so much heritage the state is famous for many other things and for many famous people. It is known for having the most man-made lakes in the United States. Among all the lakes, rivers, and streams there are huge waterfalls reaching up to almost 80 feet tall. It is also known as the Antique Capital for all the antique shops, collectibles and museums. Oklahoma is also home to the first shopping cart, the first parking meter, the first yield sign, the first electric guitar and the National Cowboy Hall of Fame. They are also famous for their annual Pecan Festival each year and for having the largest pecan pies and other pecan food products. Some famous people from Oklahoma is Will Rogers, Belle Starr, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood, Johnny Bench, the great Cheyenne Chief Black Kettle and the Apache Warrior known as Geronimo.Oklahoma is a great state with so much amazing history and many beautiful and famous landscapes and famous people from the past and present. It is a state that has something for everybody. So much of the American's history can be found in this territory. Along with the beauty it is also known to having some of the deadliest tornadoes thus bringing about the making of the 1996 Twister movie. Oklahoma has so much to offer its residence and tourists. It is a state to be admired.


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