Yorba Linda California

About Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda is located in Orange County, California. The city was named after the Yorba family that tended to the land for years.
According to the 2010 Census there were 64,234 people, 19,252 households, and 16,094 families living in the city. Yorba Linda had a population density of 3,208.8 people per square mile. The median family income was $122,373 and $109,681 for a household. The per capita income for Yorba Linda was $36,173. Yorba Linda is widely known as the richest city in the United States.

Yorba Linda is racially made up of 75% White, 1.3% African American, 15.6% Asian, and 14.4% Hispanic residents. Out of the city’s 19,252 households, according to the 2000 Census, 44.8% had children under the age of 18 years of age living at home and 72.3% were married couples living together. The city’s population has been rapidly growing since the 1970 Census. In the 10 years prior to the 2010 Census, Yorba Linda encountered 9% growth from 58,918 residents in 2000 to 64,234 in 2010.

Yorba Linda’s top 10 employers, referring to amount of employees, are CareFusion, Nobel Biocare, Costco, City of Yorba Linda, Vons, Kohl’s Best Buy, Sunrise Senior Living, Office Solutions, and Cobra Engineering.

Yorba Linda has a very modest climate with warm summers and cool winters. In the summer the city is typically between 55 and 77degrees. The city does not receive a devastating amount of rain, it actually only receives 14 to 15 inches of rain annually.


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