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About San Francisco

Known for its chilly summer fog, mix of architecture, steep rolling hills and its banking and finance center (San Francisco is home to more than 30 international financial institutions), San Francisco is a great city to visit and live. As the 4th most populous city in the state of California, San Francisco is the only consolidated city-county in California. The city is also the 13th most populous city in the nation, according to the 2010 census the population of San Francisco was 805,235 making it the second-most densely populated large city in the United States, second to New York City. 

San Francisco is among one of the top destinations in the world for tourism. The city comes in at 33rd out of the top 100 most visited cities in the world. If you take a trip to the city, there are a number of things to do from walking down Fisherman’s Wharf; enjoying the sea life, shopping and eating at the same time. Where better to shop than right alongside the Pacific Ocean. Fisherman’s Wharf has numerous unique sites and businesses alike. Look in the San Francisco business directory or the local yellow pages for a complete listing of businesses that can be found in and near Fisherman’s Wharf as well as the greater San Francisco Bay area.
The city is also known for a few major landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, and the island of Alcatraz. Alcatraz is also known as “The Rock” was a small island initially developed for a lighthouse and then a military stockade. In 1861 Alcatraz was used to hold prisoners of the Civil War, because of its remote isolation from the outside world, the freezing, strong, deadly currents of the waters of San Francisco Bay made escape next to impossible. The prisoners were kept in the basement of the guardhouse until 1867, when a jailhouse made of brick was built to house the prisoners and in 1868 the island of Alcatraz was officially designated a long term detention facility for military prisoners. In August of 1934, Alcatraz became part of the Federal Bureau of Prisons becoming a federal prison for the next 29 years. The jail housed many notable criminals like Al Capone, Robert Franklin Stroud (who was more famously known as the Birdman of Alcatraz), George “Machine Gun” Kelly, Alvin “Creepy” Karpis (who was a prisoner longer than any other inmate in the history of the prison) and many others. 

The climate of San Francisco can be best described as a city with moist, mild winters and dry summers. The weather is contributed to the city being surrounded by three sides of water. The city is strongly influenced by the Pacific Oceans cool currents. These currents bring moderate temperatures and produce a mild year round climate with minimal seasonal variations of daily temperatures. There are only an average of 28 days a year where the temperatures reach above 75 degrees. During the months of May to October the weather is mild to warm with the average high temperature reaching between 64-71 degrees and low temperatures of 51-56 degrees. This period of the year is known as the dry period. The rainy period occurs between the months of November and April. The average temperatures are slightly cooler with the high temperatures reaching between 58-64 degrees and the low temperatures being between 46-51 degrees. There are 67 rainy days on average a year. 


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